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Why Pick & Mix?


 I've always been a fan of the whole 'mix n' match'. It reminds me of buying pyjamas as a kid with multiple bottoms and tops combinations that I would spend ages deliberating over, which went best with what and how many variations I could make while spending the least amount of pocket money. Ohhhh the excitement. I love the idea of having options, not necessarily matching but they still co-ordinate. The idea that multiple items can be swapped and interchanged to make a different set, not settling for one design but mixing it up and testing out all the possibilities, as a designer, that gets me all fired up. 



I don't know about you but I really feel like I have my life in order when I'm wearing matching lingerie. Especially if it's pretty. I'm not the most organised person domestically and matching sets often don't make it into the same wash... then never seem to be reunited. Rather like those absurdly patterned socks you buy thinking it will make them easier to match in a sea of black socks but end up only ever having one at a time and as a result never actually get to wear them... Just me then? Having a co-ordinating underwear drawer where multiple pairs of panties will match a certain bra, without those panties being mundanely identical, sounds like lingerie heaven. I can have co-ordinating lingerie while swapping in and out what ever I'm in the mood for, be that a thong or a comfy pair of high waisted panties, a sexy lace back style or something with a little more coverage. 




My collections feature prints that have a common element but maybe have something different about them. Take my 'Petal To The Metal' collection for instance. All the items feature the same floral print on a black and white back ground but one is striped and the other is polka dot. Two polka dot pieces make a beautiful set or mix a polka dot and a striped piece for a more unique set. These are prints that compliment each other without being an exact match. Why not have a little fun with your cute printed underwear? 



This was the idea behind my pick & mix lingerie collections. I have the sweetest tooth and definitely enjoy a pick and mix at the movies from time to time. My dream is to have a little shop full of Evie la Luve lingerie, displayed as if it were a sweet shop. Casual, comfy undies displayed in pick and mix stands, a pink striped Dutch canopy outside and pastel colours as far as the eye can see. At first glance it will look like a sweet shop but look a little closer and it will all be beautiful handmade lingerie! Fill up a bag of co-ordinating undies that all mix and match to make beautiful sets... Watch this space!



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